Étude longitudinale de l'usage des services médicaux et des trajectoires des troubles mentaux chez les garçons et les filles ayant des troubles de comportement à l'enfance

Chercheure principale : Caroline Temcheff
Dates : juin 2015 - mai 2019
Organisme subventionnaire : Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS), Programme Chercheurs-boursiers

The overarching goal of this programme of research is to explore mechanisms which link childhood CP to developmental trajectories of medical service utilization and mental health problems from childhood through to adolescence. This programme of research pursues four specific research objectives:

1- To identify individual trajectories of medical service utilization and the variation in trajectories accounted for by differences in sex, presence of conduct problems (CP), and individual- and environmental-level factors (Study 1);

2- To identify classes of individuals based on reception of early medical care, and the subsequent trajectories of these classes in terms of overall medical service usage between school entry through adolescence (Study 1);

3- To ascertain the ability of pathways based on characteristics inherent to CP, risky behaviors, and comorbid internalizing disorders in predicting overall medical service usage (Study 2);

4- To identify risk factors for and pathways towards late adolescent comorbid depression and addiction among boys and girls with CP (Study 3).

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