A first in Canada for the Occasional Temperament Conference

March 2024

From October 5 to 7, 2023, the 24th edition of the Occasional Temperament Conference (OTC) will be held in the Eastern Townships (Orford, Manoir des Sables), in Canada. This will be the first time this international event, which attracts the most influential researchers in the field, has been held in Canada. The Occasional Temperament Conference welcomes researchers, students and practitioners from around the world with an interest in the study of temperament and its use in different contexts. The event brings together the majority of experts in the field in an intimate environment, offering participants a unique opportunity to network with leaders in the field and other colleagues passionate about the study of temperament and its applications.

The 24th edition of the OTC features two guest speakers: Dr. Nancy Eisenberg, and Dr. Jennifer Tackett, editor-in-chief of the APS-published journal Clinical Psychological Science. The program features seven symposia covering a wide range of topics, from the biological foundations of temperament to clinical applications, neuroscience, psychopathology and vulnerability, social relationships, behavioral adaptation and mental health, and personality traits/disorders. A poster session and a series of pre-conference workshops will also be held.


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Organizing committee:

Jean-Pascal Lemelin, Université de Sherbrooke

Annie Bernier, Université de Montréal

Nicolas Berthelot, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Yann Le Corff, Université de Sherbrooke