Effects of a structured sports training program on adolescents’ self-perception.



Laurier C, *Courville J, *Beaulieu G. (2020). Effects of a structured sports training program on adolescents' self-perception. Revue de psychoéducation, 49(2), 215-235


Self-perception and sports could lead to positive or negative effects, among others, on adolescents’ mental and physical health, socialization and self-esteem. Some studies also suggest that participating in sports may improve self-perception among teenagers. The twofold objective of this study is to explore the effects of a running training program on the self-perception of the adolescents involved and to establish which dimensions of self-perception improved. Method. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with fifteen participants (6 boys and 9 girls whose average age is 14.73), approximately one month after the running event for which they trained. A thematic analysis based on the constructivist paradigm helped to identify themes which were then grouped together. Results. Participants report an improvement in self-perception, particularly on the physical, social, academic and behavioral levels, as well as an improvement in certain personal traits. Discussion. Participants reveal improvements in several areas of their self-perception. We recommend carrying out research with a larger cohort to confirm the results, especially the positive effects emanating from the cooperation involved in the sports program under study. These encouraging results lead us to recommend that young people from educational establishments or organizations devoted to rehabilitation have access to this type of program.