Julie Noël

Associate professor, École de travail social, Université de Sherbrooke

Regular members

  • (2018) Doctorate (Social Service). Université Laval.
  • (2014) Master's degree with thesis (Social Service). Université Laval.
  • (1997) Bachelor's (Social Service). Université Laval.

I started my intervention career as a youth worker and street worker with teenagers. Then, after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in social work, I worked with women and children who were victims of domestic violence. It was in the context of my duties as coordinator of a women’s shelter that my first research questions emerged. In 2010, I commenced my graduate work with the goal of learning how to intervene with mothers whose child who is the subject of a protective measure. In a perspective of empowerment and social justice, I wrote my master’s thesis and my doctoral dissertation from the point of view of mothers of children who were placed in care until they came of age or adopted under the Youth Protection Act.

In keeping with this research, I contribute to other studies on child welfare intervention, for example, by examining parental involvement and what facilitates the maintenance of reunification when the child’s placement is over. The premise of my work is that parents of children in care are key players who have a direct impact on the child’s adjustment, as, typically, they maintain ties with their children. One of my concerns is to highlight the subjective experience of these parents. To do this, I favour qualitative measurements.?? My work mainly falls under the scope of GRISE Axis 3. It sheds light on the experience of parents of children in care and the social responses that contribute to the adjustment of youth in care and their families.

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