Marie-Pierre Villeneuve

Assistant professor, département de psychoéducation, Université de Sherbrooke

Regular members

  • (2020) Doctorate (Social Service). Université Laval.
  • (2013) Master's degree with thesis (Social Service). Université Laval.
  • (2008) Baccalauréat (Psychology). Université Laval.

At a very young age, I was taught to consider the human being behind the criminal act: their story cannot be reduced to that of their crime and it does not stop at this event. I have always been fascinated by the issues surrounding delinquency and crime. Why does a person break the rules and the law, knowing that he or she might get caught and suffer the consequences? How does a person land in this situation? As time went by, I looked at the experiences of these individuals, in parallel with the social reactions to their behaviour. How do they deal with the gaze of the “other”? How do their loved ones experience this situation? But above all, how do they manage to overcome these challenges? These questions are at the heart of my research interests.

My work focuses on the processes of exit from delinquency and socio-community integration of adolescents and emerging adults with serious and persistent delinquency. I want to better understand their developmental pathways and the factors that support their adjustment in the context of the transition to adulthood. I am particularly interested in the role and experiences of their families, significant adults and caregivers along the way, as well as the influence of penal measures. My work falls within the scope of the second and third research axes of GRISE.

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