Assisted desistance in informal settings: A scoping review



F-Dufour I, Villeneuve M-P, Perron C. (2018). Assisted desistance in informal settings: A scoping review. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. 60(2): 206-240.


Despite the growing number of studies on assisted desistance, none has been made yet to identify the conclusive aspects of this process. This scoping review shows that informal interventions in assisted desistance help develop new ways to perceive oneself and one’s social bonds (or to create new ones) and contribute to the emergence of new identities. We do not know, however, if they contribute to the adoption of a new way of living. Research avenues are suggested, with a view to outlining the long-term effects of informal intervention programs offered to violators in the socio-penal system.