A Prática de Ensino Supervisionada: Vozes e Posicionamentos dos(as) Estudantes-Estagiários(as)

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Gonçalves C, Tomás C. (2019). A Prática de Ensino Supervisionada: Vozes e Posicionamentos dos(as) Estudantes-Estagiários(as). Educação e Pesquisa, 45, e211842.


This paper is intended to characterize the Supervised Professional Practice (SPP) drawing from the voices of 115 students who attend the master’s degree for the training of Early Childhood Education and 1st and 2nd Cycle of Basic Education teachers in Continental Portugal, with an attempt to understand what they think and their opinions in relation to Supervised Professional Practice (SPP). Methodologically, the survey applied is the central empirical reference and the results allow us to identify six dimensions concerning SPP: i) meanings; ii) pedagogical or curricular models prioritized; iii) the supporting scientific and reference areas; iv) the importance of written reflections; v) strengths and weaknesses; and vi) the proposed amendments to the SPP in the curriculum. The results, analysed using SPSS and analytical interpretation, make it possible to draw a picture that is simultaneously marked by crystallization and it also regards the theoretical framework and fields of knowledge mobilized by the students in their written reflections, as well as the de-crystallization, resulting from being aware of what they need for an effective development to achieve teaching professionalism.