Information practices of guidance practitioners

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Supeno E, Dorceus S, *Rivard G, Le Corff Y, Bourdon S. (2022). Information practices of guidance practitioners. Canadian Journal of Career Development, 21(1), 56-76.


Although career development theories underline the central role of information in career choice and studies show that guidance practitioners are among the main information sources of people making career choices, the actual information practices of these practitioners in their career interventions remain fragmented. Moreover, the studies on the theme of career choice associating information, information sources and information practices (whether it is among guidance practitioners or individuals in career choice) offer little conceptualization on these notions. In order to fill this gap, an online survey of 330 guidance practitioners in Quebec was conducted to document specifically their career information practices (information sources consulted and categories of career information sought). Statistical analysis show that the main career information sought relates to central elements of career choice (training programs and occupations) and the main information sources consulted are non-human and institutional. In addition, some contextual elements are associated with seeking and selecting certain categories of information and sources. The discussion highlights the importance of digital sources in the information practices of these practitioners, the association between the populations served and the choice of information sources and categories of career information and the role of co-workers as information support on career and beyond.