Transition processes among transgender and non-binary individuals: between wellbeing and discrimination



Cotton JC, Martin-Storey A, Le Corff Y, Michaud A, Beauchesne Lévesque SG, Charron M, Garneau M, Roy S. (2022). Transition Processes Among Transgender And Non-Binary Individuals: Between Wellbeing And Discrimination. Revue québécoise de psychologie. 43(3), 27-46.


Many transgender and non-binary (TNB) people undergo social, legal or medical transitions to improve their quality of life and well-being. In order to tailor resources to support their needs, it is essential to understand how transition journeys are associated with individual-level psychosocial well-being. Our study examines three indicators of psychosocial functioning (life satisfaction, psychological distress, and gender discrimination) as a function of TNB individuals’ transition status. Findings suggest that while transitioning is linked to greater well-being for those TNB individuals who wish to engage in these processes, it exposes them to gender discrimination.