Case study of a young orthorexic



Thibault I, Pauzé R, Lavoie E, Pesant C, Beauregard C, Caron L, Fortier M, Mercier M. (2016). Case study of a young orthorexic. Revue québécoise de psychologie. 37(1): 27-38.


Orthorexia symptomatology is an increasing object of interest, but this disorder and its associated characteristics remain sparely circumscribed. This case story is about an adolescent girl and aims to better define orthorexia characteristics, as well as try to distinguish them from those of anorexia. According to the evaluation results, the adolescent believes she has lost too much weight and wishes to regain some. She is extremely concerned about health issues and presents obsessive features expressed by her eating or physical exercise behavior. The personal, social and family functioning are affected by the disorder.