Association between unstable placement patterns and problem behaviors in adolescent girls

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*Hébert ST, Lanctôt N. (2016). Association Between Unstable Placement Patterns and Problem Behaviors in Adolescent Girls. Residential Treatment for Children & Youth. 33(3-4): 286-305.


The literature on youths in residential care links instability in their placements with problems in their behavior, but to date, limitations in the operationalization of these concepts have limited knowledge regarding this relationship. To address this gap, this study of 249 adolescent girls in residential care examined three configurations of placement patterns and their effects on five problem behaviors: aggression, stealing, gang affiliation, substance use, and sex-trade activities. Those girls who experienced the “physical instability” pattern (the most moves into and out of care) were the ones most likely to engage in sex-trade activities. Implications for clinical practice are discussed.