How the Working Alliance with Adolescent Girls in Residential Care Predicts the Trajectories of Their Behavior Problems

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*Ayotte M-H, Lanctôt, N, Tourigny M. (2016). How the working alliance with adolescent girls in residential care predicts the trajectories of their behavior problems. Residential Treatment for Children & Youth. 33(2): 135-154.


This study aimed to determine how well the working alliance between adolescent girls and staff in residential centers predicted the trajectories of their behavior problems from mid-adolescence to emerging adulthood. Findings showed that even after controlling for intake characteristics, the working alliance reported by the girls has a predictive effect on the trajectories of behavior problems. The weaker the alliance the girls reported, the more likely they were to follow a trajectory characterized by more behavior problems instead of trajectories of low and declining problems. Implications for research and practice are discussed.