Correlates of sexual harassment victimisation among adolescents: A scoping review

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*Bolduc ML, Martin-Storey A, Paquette G. (2022). Correlates of sexual harassment victimisation among adolescents: A scoping review. Special issue “Sexual harassment among young people”. Journal of Social Issues.


Sexual harassment (SH) is an important public health problem among adolescents and is associated with negative outcomes. Using a theory-based, developmentally-informed approach, this scoping review focuses on SH victimization among adolescents (number of studies included = 20) and aims to (1) examine how the extant literature on correlates of SH defined and measured SH, and (2) identify correlates associated with SH victimization among adolescents, focusing particularly on differences between boys and girls. For the first objective, results showed variations in the definition of SH used, with very few studies employing validated measures of SH. For the second objective, the most frequently examined and supported correlates were those stemming from transactional models. Important gender differences in correlates emerged between boys and girls. Among girls’ previous victimization experiences emerged as the most consistent correlates of SH, while among boys, adherence to gender role norms and beliefs and higher perception of personal power were most consistently associated with higher SH victimization. Prevention of SH needs to include youth, teachers, and parents as the results show the influence of all these social contexts in SH victimization. These prevention efforts should target groups at higher risk of SH, such as sexual and gender minority youth.