Predicting recidivism in adolescents with behavior problems using PCL-SV

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Basque C, Toupin J, Côté G. (2012). Predicting recidivism in adolescents with behavior problems using PCL-SV. International Journal of Offender Therapy and comparative Criminology


Studies show that identifying persistent delinquents on the basis of early antisocial conduct yields a significant error rate. However, evaluating childhood or adolescent psychopathic traits is likely to improve matters in this regard. This study seeks to verify the contribution of psychopathic traits in adolescence to antisocial conduct prediction in early adulthood. To this end, a French version of the Psychopathy Checklist -Screening Version (PCL-SV) adapted to adolescents is used to evaluate psychopathic traits in 27 youths aged 15 to 19 years recruited in youth centres and presenting behavioral problems reaching a clinical threshold. The PCL-SV scores contribute significantly above and beyond indices of delinquent behavior to predict self-reported antisocial conduct 2 years later and, specifically, to predict criminal versatility and violent recidivism