Video-feedback intervention with maltreating parent-child dyads

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Moss E, Tarabulsy G M, St-Georges R, Dubois-Comtois K, Cyr C, Bernier A, St-Laurent D, Pascuzzo K, Lecompte V. (2014). Video-feedback intervention with maltreating parent-child dyads. Attachment & Human Development. 16: 329-342.


This article describes a video-feedback intervention program with maltreating parents and their children aged 1 to 5 years using a case-study approach. The 8-week program is of interest to researchers and clinicians because it is the first short-term attachment-based intervention program to demonstrate efficacy in enhancing parental sensitivity, improving child attachment security, and reducing disorganized attachment for children and parents who have been reported for child abuse and/or neglect. We have previously described the theoretical and empirical basis of the intervention program and evidence for its efficacy. Details of program implementation and a case study are currently presented.